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  • Free Triple glazing upgrade for selected windows*
  • Free Low-E glass upgrade for southern facing windows
  • Complimentary professional window cleaning
  • Complimentary thermal imagining audit

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We are a team of professional and experienced tradespeople, specialising in new builds and retrofitting with energy efficient windows. The team at Architech Windows has been supplying and installing high performance double glazed windows in Canberra homes since 2010.

We are committed to providing one of the highest performing double glazed windows in the market. Our windows will significantly improve your home's energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and noise and provide you with a comfortable living environment throughout the year.

Our replacement windows are manufactured to the highest quality standards, with the latest in European products and engineering.

We pride ourselves on offering you a personalised service to suit your individual needs. This includes custom designed windows to fit existing or new homes and different types of glass to suit the orientation of your home to maximise passive solar gain, thermal insulation and noise insulation. Our team will install your windows, ensuring we provide you with a complete service from start to finish.

To find out how we can help you create a comfortable, energy saving home, contact us for an obligation free consultation or visit us in store.

Double glazed windows and doors to survive ACT seasons

Our product range is custom made and designed. Our team can help you choose the right selection of windows and doors for your home whether you are renovating, retrofitting or building your dream home.

We use high quality European made components:

  • German made Kommerling 70mm 5-chambered window and door frame which offers market leading energy efficiency, it is also designed and tested for Australian climate with high UV resistance
  • German made Siegenia-Aubi for our hardware which come with multi-locking systems for security and air-tightness
  • Types of windows we offer include tilt and turn, sliding, casement and awning
  • Door types include sliding, stacker, hinged, French, lift and slide and bi-fold

Contact us to see a full range of products available.

  1. Argon filled double or triple glazed glass
  2. Five-Chamber construction gurantees optimum thermal and acoustic insulation
  3. Twin compression seals to ensure air tightness
  4. Kommerling greenline® lead-free and high UV resistant window system
  5. Galvanised steel reinforcement
  6. Optional AluStar® external aluminium cladding system offers an unlimited colour range


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uPVC double glazing
for homes
throughout the ACT

“The windows in an average home make up 8% of the total building, however they are accountable for up to 49% of the heat lost during Winter, and as much as 87% of the heat gained during Summer”

– Australian Window Association study

At Architech Windows we can help you make a vast improvement on these statistics with our uPVC windows and doors.

UPVC stands for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride – rigid PVC. It is one of the most well researched and tested materials in terms of environmental credentials. uPVC is widely used in Europe, with more than 60% of homes in Germany using it.

UPVC windows are perfect for the Canberra climate where temperatures vary considerably throughout the year. The superior insulating qualities of uPVC windows make them an ideal, high performing and long lasting alternative to aluminium and timber framed windows.

What is 'U-Value'?

U-value measures conductivity and is used as a benchmark to measure the window's thermal performance. The lower the U-value, the better the window performance. The U-value measures how well heat is transferred by the entire window – frame, sash and glass.

The lower the U-value, the more insulated the window unit. This means that the window will be more efficient at retaining interior heat in the winter and keeping heat out in the Summer.

A single glazed aluminium window typically has a u-value of 6.3+. Architech's double glazed uPVC windows can achieve a u-value of 1.9 or less.

Thermal Temperature icon

Thermal efficiency

Unlike aluminium, uPVC is non-conductive and has high insulative properties which means that window frames do not transfer heat, contributing to a more consistent internal temperature in a building.

Durable icon

Strong and durable

UPVC windows are very durable with a long life span. They are UV resistant, non-corrosive, rust free and they do not rot or warp.

Environment Icon

Environmentally friendly

It consumes less energy to extrude uPVC frames than aluminium, there is a lower carbon footprint and uPVC frames are recyclable.

Maintenance icon

Low maintenance

UPVC windows do not require painting or sealing. The frames are simply cleaned with water and mild detergent.

Acoustic icon

Acoustic insulation

The joints for uPVC windows and doors are fusion welded and combined with a multi-chamber profile design means that they can cut down noise by up to 80%.

Types of double
glazing glass

Our products are all double-glazed providing insulation benefits. We also offer various types of glass:

Argon Icon

Argon gas

All of our double glazed units are filled with Argon gas which has 34% lower thermal conductivity than air.

Low Eglass Icon

Low-E glass

Low-E glass deflects both long-wave and short-wave infrared while allowing visible light to enter. This improves insulation with minimal impact on visibility through the glass. Installing Low-E glass on the South and West facing windows in your home will ensure it remains cool in Summer and Warm during Winter.

Triple Glazed Icon

Triple glazed glass

We also offer a triple glazed option (up to 36mm) for the ultimate thermal and acoustic performance.

Spacer Icon

Warm edge spacer

Instead of an aluminium spacer in between the glass, a warm edge spacer made of insulating composite material is used to reduce heat loss around the edge of the double glazed unit. This offers a higher surface temperature of the inside glass pane and less condensation at the edge of the window in high humidity environments such as the bathroom.

Laminated Glass Icon

Laminated glass

Laminated glass has a plastic glazing layer to provide greater impact resistance. Two panes of glass are joined together. We offer you the option of 6.38 mm or 8.76 mm thickness.

Laminated glass is great for acoustic insulation and filters UV rays to prevent deterioration of your carpet and furniture. It is shatter proof for extra security and safety as is commonly used in areas of the home such as bathrooms as these areas are most prone to people injuring themselves.

Installation and replacement performed in-house

We use our own in-house installation team which means we are in control of your project from start to finish. From the planning, to the production and installation, you can count on our Canberra-based team to provide you with exceptional service and a quality product.

Installations are carried out by highly qualified carpenters who are experienced in uPVC double-glazed windows.

We use thermal imaging to audit every installation, ensuring no cold spots around the windows. We will provide you with a before and after thermal image report which visually demonstrated the thermal improvement to your home.

The image shows in this house during winter the surface temperature on our uPVC double glazed window is warmer than the internal wall.

The image reveals a cold spot on the corner of the window sash which indicates possible air leakage.

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